BVM - Nov, 2014 - page 36

36 Business View - November 2014
confident mindset endures – “We have no peers, but
there’s a tremendous amount of competition,” Powell
said – and was best illustrated, he said, by a 2010
venture into cable locating.
The company had demurred at the idea of entering the
market, but, upon getting a request from a customer,
it proceeded. A large investment was made to create
an up-front training program to reduce subsequent
damage claims in the field, rather than building that
same large sum into fee agreements with clients to
cover damages that the parties would have typically
assumed would occur.
“We built a locating town,” he said. “We sent in our
construction guys who always take great pride in put-
ting facilities in the ground correctly and we insisted
they make the training facilities difficult to locate. It
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