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Business View - November 2014 43
school and assists with the cost of bringing the three
finalist teams to the convention.
NECA takes a multi-pronged approach when it comes
to marketing strategies. That includes producing video
pieces for NECA Newscast and ElectricTV. NECA is able
to reach a much larger audience utilizing social media
such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. “We’re always
trying to promote the services of our members,” Grau
said. NECA’s Find a Contractor website (necaconnec- is one way to search for a NECA contractor by
geographic area, type of work performed, project size
and other criteria.
As in every industry, challenges remain for NECA and
its members. Those challenges include economic
growth and workforce development. Grau foresees a
surge in electrical projects coming over the next few
years. It will be important, he says, to get workers the
training they need and recruit them from other sec-
tors, including the military.
Grau expects big things for NECA’s future. Energy con-
servation is at the forefront. The NECA Energy Conser-
vation and Performance Platform (ECAP) removes the
obstacles to the implementation of members’ energy
retro t projects by seamlessly integrating the inclusion
of best-practice project surety, project finance struc-
turing, and project funding solutions into a project de-
velopment process.
NECA contractors are experts at the top of their field,
and they employ the most highly trained and reliable
workforce in the industry. They know the latest tech-
nology. They take the time to understand a business's
unique needs, and they find the innovative solutions
to meet those needs. They strive to get their jobs done
right the first time, on time, without disrupting busi-
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