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42 Business View - November 2014
An area where NECA and its members are breaking
new ground is with green initiatives. One green initia-
tive undertaken by NECA is the Electric Vehicle Infra-
structure Training Partnership. EVITP provides training
and certification for electricians throughout the U.S.
through a network of electrical industry training cen-
ters and community colleges. The program offers com-
prehensive curriculum, developed with partners in the
electric vehicle industry, through two 24-hour courses
covering residential, commercial, public and fleet in-
stallation best practices.
NECA is also committed to helping the industry’s next
generation. One example is the ELECTRI International/
NECA Green Energy Challenge, which marks a yearly
highlight for NECA’s 32 student chapters. Teams agree
that the popular event is stimulating because it makes
them focus on problem solving by thinking in new, cre-
ative ways.
NECA’s student chapters form teams that demonstrate
their ability to analyze particular electrical construc-
tion management “problems” outlined for them and
create a comprehensive plan and budget for an appro-
priate retrofit. A jury of contractors and industry part-
ners evaluate written proposals. The top three student
teams are then invited to NECA’s annual convention
to make oral presentations of their projects. The jury
evaluates both the substance and the presentation.
Electrical construction companies and industry part-
ners looking to hire the best and brightest students in
the country appreciate the opportunity to assess the fi-
nalists’ work firsthand during the convention. ELECTRI
International provides financial awards to the winning
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