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Business View - November 2014 41
Electrical contractors perform specialized construc-
tion work related to the design, installation and main-
tenance of electrical systems. Whether high-voltage
power transmission or low-voltage lighting, electrical
contractors ensure these systems work in a safe, ef-
fective and environmentally sound manner. NECA rep-
resents electrical contractors from firms of all sizes
performing a range of services. While most NECA con-
tractors qualify as small businesses, many large multi-
state companies are also members of the association.
NECA’s national staff works at the association’s head-
quarters in Bethesda, Md. and four regional offices
around the country. NECA's 119 local chapters are in-
dependently chartered organizations which work with
national field representatives to develop effective la-
bor agreements and market initiatives. “NECA mem-
bers are the movers and shakers,” Grau said. “They
tend to be more progressive. They value quality and
service. Many times, they’re giving as much as they’re
Technological advances have improved NECA’s deliv-
ery of products and services to its members. “When
you can’t always see people face-to-face, that is impor-
tant,” Grau said. “A good example is our NECA News
app. It allows our members to stay informed on the
latest industry developments through their cell phones
and tablets.”
Education is a top priority for NECA. Each year, NECA of-
fers more than 100 management and technical work-
shops through its chapters. The new Basic Foreman-
ship course is NECA’s first blended learning offering,
which encompasses both online and in-seat compo-
nents. NECA also works on initiatives with the Interna-
tional Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), based
in Washington, D.C. The Electrical Training Alliance, a
NECA/IBEW partnership, trains a highly skilled work-
force of apprentice and journeymen electricians in
all facets of electrical work from theory to installation
with a focus on safety.
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