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Business View - November 2014 35
S&N Communications
Provider of construction and mainte-
nance services to telecom, power, cable, natural
gas and utility companies
Headquartered in Kernersville, N.C.,
S&N and its wholly-owned subsidiaries have of-
fices in 35 states.
Most of the business these days revolves around fiber
construction, because, he said, “that’s where all the
big noise is right now.” Additionally, the company is pre-
pared to seize opportunities related to both aerial-to-
buried conversion – where above-ground power lines
frequently impacted by weather events are moved un-
derground – and AC mitigation, which offsets degrada-
tion of underground pipes.
“In lieu of replacing a 16- or 18-inch gas distribution
pipe at maybe $30 a foot and trying to recover that
cost from the rate-payer, they’re placing zinc ribbon in
the ground,” Powell said. “What that zinc ribbon does
is it pulls the AC current away from the pipe and ex-
tends the life of the pipe.”
Though S&N is in a competitive environment with com-
panies of all sizes across many service niches, the
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