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Business View - November 2014 27
Allstate Tower is a full-service contracting firm that
specializes in the manufacture of solid rod, self-sup-
porting guyed towers and monopoles for the broad-
cast, cable, utility and telecommunications industries.
Maintenance and repair services are also provided
that include painting, re-guying, inspection, foundation
repair, antenna work, structural analysis and modifica-
The company is a division of the Pittsburg Tank & Tower
Group, a Henderson, Ky.-based entity with a heritage
stretching back to 1919. The three-part roster now in-
cludes Allstate Tower, alongside the Pittsburg Tank &
Tower Company and the Pittsburg Tank & Tower Main-
tenance Company.
The parent company’s owner and CEO, Don Johnston,
has been involved in the tower business intermittent-
ly throughout the years, and he returned full-time in
2003 with the formation of Allstate Tower. And, accord-
ing to Allstate’s VP of sales, Kevin Roth, changes have
come quickly ever since.
“The technology changes just about every year, so with
that type of curve we’re always trying to stay on top of
it and remain diversified with all the industry markets,”
he said. “The biggest change, really, is on the fabrica-
tion side of the business. We’re really trying to grow
our material-handling segment of the company.”
The in-house workforce has grown dramatically since
the company’s inception, when it stood at a mere half-
dozen. These days, Roth said, it’s up closer to 100 and
has been swelling in number each year since he ar-
rived to the business in 2007 – even through the re-
cession years of 2008 and 2009.
Allstate’s headquarters and manufacturing facility are
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