Lac Ste. Anne Foundation – Leading the Way for Seniors and Supportive Housing

April 30, 2015

Lac Ste. Anne Foundation is for Albertans and with Alberta’s government

For Albertans and with Alberta’s government – this is the simplest way to describe the operation of the Lac Ste. Anne Foundation. Year after year, the facilities of this organization have increased in numbers and improved in services. They go hand-in-hand with their mandate – To provide quality living options and support services within the communities we serve. As George VanderBurg, a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, puts it: “This partnership helps fulfill the Premier’s vision of providing choice to seniors so that they can stay in their home communities.”

All of the above became a reality in 2010, when the Foundation entered into partnership agreements with Alberta Health Services to provide personal care services in its Facilities. With the addition of Personal Care Supports the mandate of the Foundation continues to enhance as residents dignity is maintained and their independence promoted daily. A new facility was constructed in 2011, Vera Wolfe, a resident of the Pleasantview Lodge, testified: “The new, spacious building is much nicer than the old one. I really like it … It’s more roomy.”

Without a doubt, there are many more aspects to Lac Ste. Anne Foundation than larger rooms and facilities. It is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of the representatives from many municipalities: Town of Onoway, Town of Whitecourt, Woodlands County, Lac Ste. Anne County, Town of Mayerthorpe, Village of Alberta Beach, Summer Villages of Birch Cove, Castle Island, Nakumun Park, Ross Haven, Sandy Beach, Silver Sands, South View, Sunrise Beach, Sunset Point, Val Quentin, West Cove and Yellowstone.

The Lac Ste. Anne Foundation manages 151 lodge/supportive living units, 113 senior self-contained units, 22 supportive-housing units, numerous private landlord rent supplement designations and direct to tenant rent supplement. The facilities include Spruce View Lodge in Whitecourt (50 Units), Pleasant View Lodge in Mayerthorpe (51 Units), Chateau Lac Ste. Anne Lodge in Onoway (50 Units), Woodland Villa in Whitecourt (16 Units), Sunnydale Manor in Mayerthorpe (12 Units), Highview Haven in Mayerthorpe (12 Units), Westwind Manor in Sangudo (8 Units), Tri-Lakes Manor in Darwell (12 Units), Lakeview Manor in Gunn (33 Units), Seeley Manor in Onoway (12 Units), Beaupre Court in Onoway (8 Units), Community housing in Whitecourt (19 Units), Community housing in Mayerthorpe (3 Units), and rent supplement designation and direct rent supplement in Whitecourt, Mayerthorpe, Sangudo, Alberta Beach, Gunn and Onoway.
The Foundation operates within a 7.6 million dollar operating and capital budget and mirrors the calendar year with respect to its twelve-month fiscal period. The staffing components consist of Kitchen staff, Lodge Assistants, Social & Leisure Staff, Licensed Practical Nurses, Heath Care Aids, Maintenance personnel and casual helpers. In addition, a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Administrative Assistant/Reception, Finance Officer, Finance Clerk, Administrative Services Maintenance department/Safety Officer and 5 Site Managers. Currently, the Foundation employs over 100 staff.

Employees of the Lac Ste. Anne Foundation are as much of a priority as the residents and tenants they serve. The Foundation is committed to providing education opportunities for all staff, not only professionally, however, personally as well. Employees that work in this industry are unique, they deserve every opportunity to succeed and the Foundation is committed to providing the tools to do so.

The Lac Ste. Anne Foundation is very fortunate to a group of committed volunteers from the Mayerthorpe community, the Friends of Lac Ste. Anne Foundation. Their mandate is to fundraise on behalf of the Pleasant View Lodge (Mayerthorpe) to assist in providing Social & Leisure services and programs in the facilities for residents to participate and have input in. To date the Friends have contributed over $350,000 to the Lac Ste. Anne Foundation.

Overall, Alberta Health Services provide support for over 3.7 million Albertans. Their focus is to establish a patient-based, quality health system, just like Lac Ste. Anne Foundation is determined to continue their resident-based focus. The seniors care counts over 100, 000 Albertans annually. Such aspects of this care like independent living and the supportive housing components have become possible not only due to the Alberta’s government initiative, but also with full cooperation and willingness to strive for excellence of the Lac Ste. Anne Foundation.

No matter how far the Lac Ste. Anne Foundation has progressed and how unique their services may be, they always look to the future, with specific goals at the forefront. The foundation will continue to work collaboratively with all the partners they do business with, improve and exceed the ongoing education and training for staff and continue to strive for excellence and the best interest of the seniors and supportive housing clients. Lastly, they are committed to providing person-centered housing options recognizing every resident is unique and requires an individual approach and attention.

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