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Business View - November 2014 115
tonio has worked with Bat Conservation International
and The Nature Conservancy for more than a year to
coordinate what, at many times, has felt like an uphill
battle. But I am confident this all-in approach was the
best way to achieve success,” said Ron Nirenberg, the
District 8 city councilman who led the city effort. “San
Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the coun-
try, in part because of the vast natural resources of the
region. It’s our responsibility to ensure we protect and
conserve what makes this region incredibly special.”
The Conservancy’s Cibolo Bluffs Preserve is also ad-
jacent to the property. The area lies within the highly
sensitive recharge zone for the Edwards Aquifer, from
which San Antonio, New Braunfels and other commu-
nities draw their drinking water. This acreage, along
with surrounding lands owned by BCI and the Conser-
vancy, are also home to federally endangered golden-
cheeked warblers which nest only in the Texas Hill
Country. In addition, rain falling on the property perco-
lates into the porous limestone soil and rock, contrib-
uting to groundwater-fed spring flows for endangered
species found within Comal and San Marcos springs,
two major aquatic systems within the Edwards Aquifer.
“Working to secure Crescent Hills was actually one
of the more complex conservation deals we’ve done
in San Antonio, but our collective efforts will result in
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