BVM - Nov, 2014 - page 108

108 Business View - November 2014
“A Very Vibrant Place to Be”
City of Warman takes advantage of community appeal
It’s not that Mayor Sheryl Spence dislikes the term
“bedroom community.”
Still, in her estimation, her city of Warman, Saskatch-
ewan is well on its way to establishing an identity that
won’t require it to share the covers with its southern
neighbor in Saskatoon.
“The city has a history that’s included a good planning
mindset, so, when the growth started occurring, we
already had good infrastructure in place to accommo-
date it,” she said. “It’s a beautiful community, close
to a large city with all of its amenities, so we’re see-
ing people come from all over. There are opportunities
here and it’s a very vibrant place to be.”
The city’s population stood at 7,084 at the time of the
2011 census, a number that indicated a 48.5-percent
jump in population from the previous headcount just
five years earlier. Most recent covered health popula-
tion numbers show a population of 8700. Between
170 and 250 single-family houses have gone up an-
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