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Business View - November 2014 101
“I was coming up here on a daily basis and was travel-
ing 60 miles each way,” he said, referring to a daunt-
ing initial commute to and from the Miami suburb of
Davie. “My daughter was a junior in high school, and
you cannot take a child out of high school, not with all
their friends, and relocate her. So I had to wait until
she graduated, and she did, finally, thank god.
“I had worked at Port Everglades prior to coming to
Palm Beach, and things were a lot more stable there.
It’s a much bigger port, but I still wanted the challenge
of running a port. I managed to get this job, and I’m
still as enthusiastic today as I was when I first came
in here.”
The recession conveniently greeted him with a tangi-
ble slowdown in international business, and instantly
prompted his adherence to a management style that
warranted cutting spending to the barest of minimums
and wringing every last bit of impact out of every dollar
that was allocated.
Manny Almira
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