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Business View - November 2014 97
AAPA strongly advocates for new and additional funding in the
next surface transportation bill that prioritizes freight projects
which optimize and integrate the nation’s freight transporta-
tion system.”
Since its inception as part of the American Reinvestment and
Recovery Act, AAPA has been a strong supporter of the TIGER
grant program. In the first round of TIGER, port-related infra-
structure projects received only 7 percent of the original $1.5
billion allocated. In the subsequent rounds, port-related infra-
structure did better, garnering approximately 17 percent (of
the total $556.6 million) of the second round, 12 percent (of
the total $511 million) of the third round, 16 percent (of the
total $485.3 million) of the fourth round, and 22 percent (of
the total $474 million) in the fifth round.
Projects that USDOT classified as “maritime” included in TI-
GER VI awards are:
Terminal 46 (T46) Modernization Project for $20,000,000 –
Port of Seattle
Norfolk International Terminals for $15,000,000 – Virginia
Port Authority
Port Newark Container Terminal Access Improvement and Ex-
pansion Project for $14,800,000 – County of Essex, New Jer-
Rehabilitation of Wando Welch Terminal for $10,840,000 –
South Carolina State Ports Authority
BT1 Infrastructure Expansion Project for $10,000,000 – Lake
Charles (TX) Harbor and Terminal
Seward Marine Terminal Expansion Planning Project for
$2,500,000 – Alaska Railroad Corporation
Oil Spill Response Access Dock Phase II for the Makah Tribe for
$1,101,904 – Makah Indian Tribe (WA)
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