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Business View - November 2014 93
said. “Their success and growth is a reflection of their
dedication to quality products and customer service,
and we know they appreciate the same from their sup-
pliers. We look forward to continuing to grow with them
for years to come.”
Lest anyone think Engineered Products’ growth is
tied solely to ASRS work, Hall said demand has also
increased for other products and services, a phenom-
enon he attributes to a strengthening economy over
the last few years. The downturn was a difficult stretch,
he said, but the long-term pedigree of the company as
well as its conservative financial approach were instru-
mental in making sure it endured.
“Everyone was affected,” he said. “But there is strength
in how we operate. Financially speaking, we are in a
strong position. This allows us to strategically select
how we will grow. We have been in-
tentional to develop our business
in structural rack, ASRS rack and
carton and pallet flow products. We
have built a sales and support staff
around those product segments and
sought out strong partnerships with
a customer-centric approach. And
because we are the manufacturer
we can ensure the performance
that the market expects.”
Going forward, innovations will re-
main the mandate as customer
needs evolve.
“Our innovations really start with the customer, and
then we’ve got to figure out a way to make it work,” Hall
said. “Through automated systems, we’ve seen a lot
of changes take place as they get more complex and
tolerances are held even tighter. We have to upgrade
our technology to be able to handle that.”
Also on the future-focused agenda is the perpetual
dedication to “smart growth.”
“Smart growth is the target in the market segments
that we support in ASRS systems, the structural rack
systems and carton and pallet flow,” Hall said. “Smart
growth also requires that we continually match the ap-
propriate solution to the application. It requires that we
invest in our team so that we can support the needs
of the application and the customer that will utilize it.”
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