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Business View - November 2014 91
Engineered Products began as a metal-fabricating
company in 1955 and designed systems back then
and through its initial decades largely for a textile in-
dustry that was booming in the Southern states.
As domestically produced textiles declined, the compa-
ny began looking into other industry segments where
it could be viable and have the best opportunities to
continue its growth. Those scenarios came in distri-
bution and warehousing spaces, which, Hall said, al-
lowed Engineered Products to continue producing the
same type of materials, though they were ultimately
utilized for a different type of application.
Operations these days include a combined work force
of just past 100 employees, who work either as part of
the company’s manufacturing capability or in adminis-
trative roles. All operations remain in Greenville, with
a pair of manufacturing facilities sized at 80,000 and
60,000 square feet, respectively, alongside the main
headquarters office.
The service footprint stretches across the 48 conti-
nental U.S. states, in addition to international work in
Latin America and Canada.
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