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Business View - November 2014 99
Examples of other freight and port-related infra-
structure projects receiving TIGER VI grants include:
Hanover Street Bridge Plan for $1,100,000 – City of
Baltimore (MD), to create a corridor plan to identify
feasible methods of rehabilitating or replacing the Ha-
nover Street Bridge, a nearly 100-year-old bridge that
connects the City of Baltimore to the Port of Baltimore.
The New England Central Railroad Freight Rail Project
for $8,183,563 – Connecticut Department of Transpor-
tation, to complete state of good repair improvements
and upgrade of rail and track infrastructure to ac-
commodate national standard 286,000-pound gross
weight rail freight cars on the 55 miles of track running
through the municipalities of New London, Waterford,
Montville, Norwich, Franklin, Lebanon, Windham, Man-
sfield, Willington and Stafford, in eastern Connecticut.
Long Bridge National Environmental Policy Act for
$2,800,000 – District of Columbia Department of
Transportation, to prepare for the long term replace-
ment of the CSX-owned Long Bridge over the Potomac
The Northeastern NC Rail Improvement Project for
$5,800,000 – North Carolina Department of Trans-
portation, to rehabilitate portions of a 52-mile rail cor-
ridor to allow for the operation of 286,000-pound rail
cars along its length, including installation of new rail,
rehabilitation of four highway grade crossings, and
roadbed resurfacing.
Sarah Mildred Long Bridge Project for $25,000,000 –
Maine Department of Transportation, to help fund re-
placement of the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge between
Maine and New Hampshire.
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