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Business View - November 2014 85
emerging from infancy into a growth mode – or, he
said, “going from a Mom-and-Pop organization into a
structured business” – but don’t have an in-house en-
gineering group and are seeking outside help to devel-
op and execute a project and an overall supply chain
Elite’s approach is turnkey in nature, which begins
with a design study in which data is gathered about
the goals and objectives for a particular project. From
there, one or more solutions are developed and then
presented to the client. Once mutual agreement is
reached on the most appropriate single remedy or
combination of remedies, Elite moves into the execu-
tion phase, which means bringing in the personnel
and equipment to install the particular elements.
Inside its own house, Hennie said Elite is constantly
staying on top of the technologies that will enhance
the way it does business. Implementation of 3D-simu-
lation software is planned to help the company’s em-
ployees to animate and simulate the processes it cre-
ates for clients.
“We want to utilize the technologies available to the
point where, when we present our solutions and our
designs to our clients, it’s something that they can
touch feel and really get to understand before they tell
us to go ahead and implement it,” he said. “Our de-
signs and our solutions will be presented in a manner
where an untrained eye can look at it and say, ‘Oh, I
get it. I understand it.’”
The focus on client comprehension, Hennie said, is an
extension of the corporate mandate – spelled out in
the Elite mission statement – that the operation be
a quality steward to its customers’ assets and to the
communities in which it’s located, while positioning it-
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