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116 Business View - November 2014
incredible dividends: safeguarding Bracken Bat Cave,
protecting the Edwards Aquifer and preserving im-
portant habitat for the endangered golden-cheeked
warbler. It’s a conservation trifecta,” said Laura Huff-
man, Texas state director for The Nature Conservancy.
“Once this contract closes, nearly 5,000 contiguous
acres will be protected by the Conservancy and its
partners. We’re practicing smart conservation on a
scale that truly makes a difference.”
Crescent Hills is located in a rural portion of the Tex-
as Hill Country that is experiencing extreme pressure
from development. While experts have long agreed
that conserving this region is important for safeguard-
ing regional water quality and habitat for multiple en-
dangered species, the movement to protect the prop-
erty recently garnered national attention because of
its proximity to the globally renowned Bracken Cave.
From spring to fall every year, this cave harbors not
only the world’s largest bat colony, but the largest con-
centration of mammals anywhere on earth.
“For 10,000 years, Bracken Cave has been a sanctu-
ary for millions of Mexican free-tailed bats. Bracken’s
bats consume more than 100 tons of agricultural in-
sect pests, mosquitos and other insects each night,
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