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Business View - November 2014 121
“Manufacturing in the United States has come back —
we’re hiring again and powering our economy, but we
need Washington working again to get America on the
right track.”
Americans Concerned About Proposed EPA Regula-
Polling data released by the Partnership for a Better
Energy Future, a coalition of 175 members represent-
ing nearly every segment of the U.S. economy, finds
that Americans have major concerns about the EPA’s
proposed greenhouse gas regulations and are unwill-
ing to pay even a dollar more for energy in exchange
for these new rules.
Findings from a national survey of 1,340 likely voters
and 11 statewide surveys of likely voters conducted
earlier this month by Paragon Insights include the fol-
• A majority believe the United States cannot afford
new costs and potential job losses resulting from the
EPA regulations.
• Nearly half of those polled say they are not willing to
pay a single dollar more in their energy bill to accom-
modate the new EPA regulations.
• A plurality of voters — 47 percent — oppose the regu-
lations. Opposition to the rule is stronger in many of
the states that stand to be hit hardest by the rule’s
expected energy price increases and job loss impacts.
Middle-class voters and seniors are among the top
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