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Business View - November 2014 129
would then make the products.
However, the inability to guarantee that those pharma-
cies were consistent in compounding the formulas –
which meant some of the potential benefits to patients
were being lost – prompted the doctors to re-take con-
trol and responsibility for producing the products, and
was the catalyst for the founding of NeoStrata as a
business in Princeton, N.J. in 1988.
“We’re really a very unique company,” said Mark
Steele, NeoStrata’s chief executive officer since 2006.
“(Drs. Van Scott and Yu are) such good and benevo-
lent people and they really want to help the world get
to a better place. They would love to rid the world of
psoriasis and eczema and ichthyosis by the time their
journey here is over.”
Several of NeoStrata’s early products were discovered
to not only have efficacy in treating the skin conditions
for which they were intended, but they also provided
an anti-aging side benefit. That ultimately transitioned
the company’s overall product line to one whose main
focus is developing anti-aging products, though a line
of therapeutic products is still available as well.
“The bulk of our company has been focused on evolv-
ing along an anti-aging front,” Steele said. “As new dis-
coveries continue to evolve, our founders continue to
research ways to address ichthyosis and eczema and
psoriasis, an offshoot of some of that are ways to de-
liver improved anti-aging benefits for consumers.”
NeoStrata’s corporate headquarters remain in Prince-
ton and the workforce is near 100 employees. Its prod-
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