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Business View - November 2014 127
New Jersey-based NeoStrata Company Inc. identifies
itself as a developer and marketer of a comprehensive
range of clinically-proven, dermatologist-developed
skin care brands including NeoStrata, Exuviance and
CoverBlend. Its advanced therapeutic and cosmetic
dermatological products feature an unsurpassed
range of technologies to meet the needs of every skin
type and are available worldwide through consumer
outlets, physicians' offices and spas.
The company’s co-founders Drs. Eugene J. Van Scott
and Ruey J. Yu have been recognized internationally for
their discovery that alpha hydroxy acids have profound
beneficial effect on human skin. Subsequent research
established that alpha hydroxy acids are not only ben-
eficial in the treatment of dermatological conditions,
but are also effective in stimulating prematurely aged
or damaged skin to actually rejuvenate itself, thereby
revolutionizing the treatment of aging skin.
Today, the company has created new technologies
reaching well beyond its hydroxy acid roots. Clinical
research has contributed to more than 100 patents,
and Drs. Van Scott and Yu are past winners of The Der-
matology Foundation’s prestigious Discovery Award –
which goes to investigators whose research work has
had major impacts on the treatment of skin disease.
The doctors met as researchers at Temple University
Hospital in Philadelphia, where they worked on treat-
ments for severe skin problems and would test out
myriad of products and formulas for patients. Upon
discovering a specific mixture that worked, they ini-
tially would produce it by hand, before later deciding
to provide the formulas to nearby pharmacies, who
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