Chemetall – A global leader in surface protection

December 2, 2015

Business View Magazine profiles Chemetall, a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of surface treatment chemicals, with headquarters in New Providence, N.J.

Chemetall is a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of specialty chemical products for the treatment and protection of metal surfaces. The company’s expertise as a global leader in its field dates back to the late 19th century, when it was part of Metallgesellschaft, a German-based organization. Chemetall became a separate company in 1982, with headquarters in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Early in 2015, it was acquired by the Albemarle Corporation, a Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based manufacturer and marketer of highly-engineered, specialty chemicals, with a focus on processes for the surface treatment of metals and plastics.

Chemetall. Photo of 3 metal parts aligned diagonally.Over the last several years, Chemetall has grown and expanded with a series of strategic business acquisitions, including its recent purchase of Chemal GmbH & Co KG, of Hamm, Germany, a leader in the field of aluminum finishing. The company now has 2,500 employees, 40 subsidiaries, and 22 production sites all around the world. Its global footprint includes Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Austria, Poland, Russia, Scandinavia, China, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, among others. In North America, it has branches in New Providence, New Jersey; Jackson, Michigan; La Mirada, California; Querétaro, Mexico; and Ontario, Canada.

Today, Chemetall offers 1500 specialized products and systems for cleaning, anodizing, lubricating, giving corrosion protection, sealing, stripping, improving paint adhesion, and facilitating the forming and treatment of metals. The success of its R&D strategies is demonstrated by the more than 1,200 patents and patent applications it currently holds in the field of surface treatment. Some of its well-known brands include: Oxsilan, Gardobond, Ardrox, and Naftoseal.

Technologies from Chemetall can be found in almost all industry sectors because metal is an important substrate in many fields of application. Thus, the company serves more than 30 industries, including metal fabrication, aerospace, agricultural, appliance, microelectronics, architectural, automotive, coil, and other surface treatment-related markets. Furthermore, products and services are offered to non-metal industries, as well, such as food, pharmaceutical, plastics recycling, pulp and paper, latex, and transportation.

The mission of Chemetall’s Process Equipment and Engineering division is to create value for its customers by providing systems of the highest quality, reliability, and advanced technology to monitor, control, dispense, and treat Chemetall chemicals. These include: Process Control Systems, Filtration Systems, Food Systems, Metering Pumps, Meters, Oil Removal Systems, Parts Washers, Pressure Sprayers, Proportioners, Steam Cleaning Systems, Tank Cleaning Systems, Water Treatment Systems, and Wastewater Systems. The company’s Laboratory Services provide analytical and technical support to its customers.

Chemetall believes that good products and quality service are keys to the company’s success, so its sales offices, production facilities, service teams, laboratories, and warehouses all operate in close and open collaboration with its customers. It also believes that responsible practices and sustainable development should be priority principles on which to base all its actions – acting conscientiously with a view to society and the environment is as important as reaching its financial goals. So the company works consistently to implement environmental protection with eco-friendly technologies, while simultaneously upgrading work safety guidelines at all its production sites.


WHO: Chemetall
WHAT: Developer, manufacturer, and supplier of surface treatment chemicals
WHERE: North American headquarters in New Providence, N.J.


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