MillionaireMatch Has Applied a New Certificate Badge for its Certified Millionaires

November 7, 2018
Millionaire Match, upper half of a screenshot showing a man and woman embracing with a join now button and other info.

MillionaireMatch just introduced a new certificate badge for its rich singles. Yes that is right, a certificate badge issued to eligible millionaires who satisfy a simple criterion.

This badge is a guarantee that its holder is a MillionaireMatch user who has been thoroughly vetted and successfully qualified as a millionaire. This badge can be shared on the MM platforms as well as other social media sites. With this badge one can create ten times more attention and influence; it is also prestigious to say the least. Let us just say it is like a quality assurance or ‘mark of quality’. The badge will be a real catch, people like tangible proof of allegations claimed, just to be sure.

It is very simple to acquire the badge, as a MillionaireMatch user you just apply for it. The information submitted is then put under scrutiny and thorough background check. The photos submitted will also undergo the same just to ensure that one is who they claim to be.

The badge also allows the user to set it as their Profile photo on the Millionaire Match platform. Users interested in someone will always look at the person’s profile first for the person’s image then try and make out if the person is genuine. With the MM badge, one glance at your profile and one is sure that you are a genuine contender. It goes without saying that millionaires with the badge will be more trusted above the rest. The certificate is the key to building trust and meeting other real millionaires on the MM site. This is the sample certificate badge with a photo that a user can set as their main photos on MillionaireMatch site.

“There are so many people who can pass off as millionaires but it is really so hard to prove who is who. With so many internet fraud incidents, the badge is set to sieve through only those users with truest of intentions,” said Katherine, the MillionaireMatch spokesperson. She also added that the process of verifying alleged facts is quite simple yet authentic.

MillionaireMatch thrives on a good reputation as it has been featured in international media broadcasting channels such as CNN, ABC, and CBS. It has also been voted “Best of the Web” by With this kind of reputation, the site has about 3.7 million quality users around the world; this number will definitely go up with the introduction of the badge.

Safety and privacy are top priorities in any site where one has to submit personal information especially one which involves finances. MillionaireMatch’s new certificate badge is an attempt to try and assure users that the people they are associating with are true. Associating with the wrong person is fatal and MM is aware of this fact, the badge will definitely go a long way to set apart serious contenders from jokers as well as ensure commitment to the course. It takes a lot for someone to put themselves out there in search of a partner or companion, only to be taken advantage of. That is what MillionaireMatch is keen to avoid, our users need to have the assurance that they are dealing with a serious platform that protects their interest. The badge also shows how MM is committed to providing quality and trusted services.


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