Introducing Intuition Pro: The World’s First Intuition Enhancing Device

December 1, 2017

Intuition Pro is the Fitbit of intuition. This first-ever patented neuroscience innovation taps into the anticipatory predictive capabilities of the subconscious, and empowers users to enhance their intuition. It measures their body’s subconscious reaction in real-time and calculates their Personal Intuition Score using its proprietary algorithm. Users can monitor the progress of their predictive skills on their mobile, laptops, or PCs and also share it on social media.

“Our brains only perceive a fraction of reality,” said Dr. Nick Hamelin-Ermolieff, Co-Founder of Intuition Pro. Although the subconscious mind is the biggest factor affecting our decisions and behavior, we remain mostly unaware of its capabilities. Intuition Pro devices practically demonstrate how the subconscious can predict future random events. They also provide invaluable insights into personal everyday life decisions.”

The Intuition Pro app simulates a series of choices in the form of quizzes. Four images are displayed for ten seconds. An image is selected at random and displayed for five further seconds. The device scientifically measures, monitors, and records GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) levels – a measure of subconscious body reactions. Intuition Pro focuses on the intuitive zone – the timeframe in which one tries to predict the outcome of each quiz. Pre-choice GSR values, which are the values recorded in the ten seconds prior to the display of the random image, demonstrate a significant difference. But, remarkably this difference is sensibly comparable to post-choice GSR values.

Consistently reproducible results confirm that the human subconscious can indeed anticipate the outcome of future events – even seemingly random events. Furthermore, researchers theorize that becoming more aware of one’s subconscious activity leads to enhanced predictive capabilities. Intuition Pro provides invaluable insight into decisions as users can input their personal and business opportunities. They can also measure and compare the resulting GSR level to pre-recorded correct or incorrect values for a given choice.

“People don’t trust their intuition because they can’t see it or feel it. Those we perceive to be “lucky,” may simply have better intuition. By helping you gradually gain higher awareness of your anticipatory subconscious reactions, Intuition Pro improves your intuitive and predictive skills,” said Andrew Youssef, Co-Founder of Intuition Pro.

Conceptual research for Intuition Pro started as early as 2015 while product and app development started in early 2016. In mid-2017, the first prototypes were successfully produced and thoroughly tested. Mass production is due to commence in early 2018. Pre-orders will soon be available on Indiegogo.


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