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32 Business View - January 2015
Saskatoon’s Custom Ready
to Move Home Builder
Willingness to adapt yields success for Zak’s Building & Home Building Centre
Zak’s Building & Home Building Centre got its start
back in 1996, and has spent the subsequent 19 years
with a primary focus on prompt, on-time service that’s
designed to enhance customer satisfaction.
But, its current owners admit, the ways in which it fol-
lows through on those promises these days are a bit
different from the initial plan their father, Henry Zacha-
rias, had when he got the business going a generation
“It was just a lumber yard and a small retail store,”
said Wyatt Zacharias, who now shares the day-to-day
operations load with his brother, Lance. “My dad just
kind of jumped into the business, he bought it and he
was just going to run it as that. He did that for a couple
of years and found that there was a demand for con-
struction services outside of that, so he began working
his way into that, too.”
The groundwork for the business transition was suc-
cessfully laid by a long family history in construction
and related lines of work. It’s a timeline, in fact, that
stretches back more than half a century and had in-
cluded not only Wyatt and Lance’s father, but their
grandfather and several uncles, too.
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