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30 Business View - January 2015
with our current homeowners. Our warranty program is
strong and we go out of our way to keep people happy.
People buy from whom they trust and have a relation-
ship with. There are many good builders around, but
our sales force builds those relationships and commu-
nicates better than any others.”
Of course, with a new clientele comes a new batch of
To accommodate those buyers with more of a focus on
energy efficiency, the company has gone to the indus-
try standard Home Energy Rating System (HERS) over
the past few years. The ratings are compiled via an
assessment of a home by a certified energy rater, who
assigns it a performance score relative to a reference
home that has a similar design, size and shape as the
home being assessed.
The lower the score given, the more energy efficient
the home is. The U.S. Department of Energy has de-
termined that a standard new home has a rating of
100, while a typical resale home scores 130. A home
with a HERS score of 70 is 30 percent more energy ef-
ficient than a standard new home, while a home with
a score of 130 is 30 percent less energy efficient than
the standard.
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