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Business View - January 2015 31
“We have also given buyers more choices in design
and are also doing a little more customization for a
production builder,” Wagoner-Brown said. “As we sell
more to move-up buyers, they are asking for more op-
tions. Our database systems have improved as well.
We use Lasso for follow-up, Build Pro and NEWSTAR
for contracts and construction. Everything is more pre-
cise and it has made less room for errors in pricing,
and setting expectations.”
Going forward toward 2020, she said, the primary
company objectives will include exploring options
for expansion into new territorial markets, as well as
making inroads to buyers from different demographic
groups – particularly those looking to downsize, as
well as immigrants.
“The only factors that have slowed us down are the
lack of developed lots, and also government regula-
tions in regard to the cost of PMI (private mortgage
insurance) on FHA (Federal Housing Administration)
loans and qualifying first-time home buyers,” Wag-
oner-Brown said. “With construction price increases
and additional PMI dollars, many first-time buyers are
priced out of the market.”
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