Jackson Hewitt Encourages Taxpayers to File by February 15

February 19, 2019
Jackson Hewitt Encourages Taxpayers to File by February 15th

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service urges taxpayers to file over the next few weeks following the announcement that the federal government is only assured to be funded through February 15.

“There is no guarantee that we will not see another shutdown, meaning the IRS could potentially be left short-staffed in the middle of tax season for an unknown duration,” said Mark Steber, Chief Tax Officer at Jackson Hewitt. “There have been many things for taxpayers to be concerned about this year when it comes to taxes. From the largest tax reform in 30 years to a government shutdown lasting over a month, taxpayers who feel uncertain about their taxes this year are not alone.”

Surrounding the significant uncertainty, Jackson Hewitt recommends all taxpayers file early this year even if not used to doing so in the past. It is always advised to file early to protect against identity theft and more, but amid the temporary funding of the government, it is even more crucial this year.

In fact, due to the changes in the tax law, some people think it will take more time to file this year, which is even more reason to get started early. According to a recent Jackson Hewitt survey conducted by Research Now, 35% of taxpayers think it will take more time to file taxes this year than last.

Below are additional tips from Jackson Hewitt for filing taxes this season:

File Electronically

Be sure to file electronically, either through a tax preparer, tax software or e-file directly with the IRS. Should the government shut down again, paper returns will be slower than electronic returns because tax returns filed electronically are mostly automated.

Remember April 15 Is Still Tax Day

The tax deadline of April 15 still remains. Taxpayers should not expect more time to file due to the government shutdown.

Don’t Expect the Same Refund as Last Year

Taxpayers should anticipate a different refund amount, or taxes due, from previous years. Between the many tax law changes, normal life changes that impact taxes and new withholding amounts, refund sizes could vary more widely this year than prior years.

Tax Pros Are More Important Than Ever

Tax reform has impacted every taxpayer in one way or another. This year, be sure to visit a professional who can get you every credit and deduction you deserve.

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