Her Wealth Launches Revolutionary Conversation about Women & Money

October 9, 2016

Her Wealth, a pioneering new initiative, launched at an inspirational evening in Bethesda, MD, and sparked a revolutionary and real conversation around women and money. The evening was hosted by the women financial professionals at Bridgewater Wealth & Financial Management and founders of Her Wealth because not enough women have been leading the conversation about women, their money, and their wealth. Her Wealth is changing that in a profound way.

“Her Wealth has been a year in the making,” said Nina Mitchell, a Senior Wealth Advisor and Partner at Bridgewater Wealth. “We’re finally getting the attention of women that want to have a conversation and be engaged in their finances. The bells are ringing and that’s important.”

In an industry that continues to be dominated by men, it’s rare to find so many women in leadership roles with the depth and breadth of financial knowledge and expertise in one firm. The women financial professionals at Bridgewater created Her Wealth to be the catalyst for women to create new ways of relating with, and managing, their wealth.

Over 100 women from the Washington, D.C. region attended the exclusive kick-off event which featured keynote speaker, Olivia Mellan, renowned money coach, psychotherapist, and author of Money Harmony.

Her Wealth is a wonderful project and so necessary,” said Mellan. “Women financial advisors tend to be more tuned into women’s needs. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

As part of this initiative, Bridgewater Wealth launched their Her Wealth website to educate women about relevant financial topics. It will connect women with other women who know how to build wealth and are passionate about sharing their expertise so that all women have the tools to be stewards of their own and their families’ wealth. Please see website here: www.bridgewaterwealth.com/her-wealth

The capstone of Her Wealth is their annual scholarship which they established to pay it forward. With women making up just eight percent of all financial advisors, the Her Wealth scholarship will advance more women in the financial services industry.


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