Top Ten – Industry Sectors for Processing

September 4, 2019

Produced by Food Processing Suppliers Association, PROCESS EXPO is the nation’s largest trade show dedicated to bringing the latest technology and integrated solutions to all segments of the food and beverage processing and packaging industry. This year’s much awaited event runs from October 8–11, 2019 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

In celebration of PROCESS EXPO, we’re looking at the Top 10 Industry Sectors for Processing:

  1. Bakery, Grains, Nuts, Seeds, Snacks – Food industry professionals from the baking, grains, nuts, seeds, and snack food industries come to PROCESS EXPO because no other trade show offers the wide variety of cross-over technologies they’ll find among our exhibitors.
  2. Beverages, Coffee Blends, Juices – PROCESS EXPO is building the largest beverage audience in the country, who come to Chicago in search of beverage manufacturing solutions — processing and packaging — for their business, regardless of which segment of the beverage industry they belong.
  3. Cheese, Dairy, Milk, Yogurt – Cheese, dairy, milk, and yogurt processing have long been an integral part of the PROCESS EXPO trade show event and while much has changed, the dairy industry’s support of this event has not faltered. The education component of PROCESS EXPO offers attendees insights from food safety experts as well as new ideas you can take home to implement in your plant for immediate returns.
  4. Meat, Poultry, Seafood – PROCESS EXPO boasts the nation’s most impressive group of solution providers for the global meat, poultry, and seafood industry. From bellwether equipment manufacturers to small suppliers that can turn on a dime to offer you the type of custom-made solution your business needs, you’ll find it at PROCESS EXPO. Additionally, PROCESS EXPO features one of the meat industry’s most innovative educational programs with sessions throughout the event focusing on a wide range of topics for meat processors. Whether processing or packaging, services or ingredients, you’ll find what you are looking for in Chicago!
  5. Pet Food, Treats – For the first time, PROCESS EXPO will feature a dry kibble pet food production line. See firsthand how the equipment operates and how it connects to the next link in the supply chain.
  6. Prepared Foods, Fruits, Vegetables – Prepared foods is a major industry segment represented among PROCESS EXPO exhibitors and attendees, comprising a wide and diverse range of products. You might call it fresh cut, or fruits and vegetables, or condiments, sauces and soups, or ready to eat meals. No matter what you call your product, you’ll get new ideas and help with critical issues affecting all areas of your operations.
  7. Cannabis Processing – With the legalization of medical and recreational markets across many states in the U.S., cannabis processors are finding the need to update and buy quality equipment to help meet demand and maintain compliance. At PROCESS EXPO, food and beverage processing suppliers have a long history of working with clients to customize, train, and support all companies who use their equipment. Even the education component of PROCESS EXPO offers cannabis processing attendees insights from food safety experts, government regulations, sustainability, and cost savings that you can take home to implement in your plant for immediate returns.
  8. Confectionery, Candy, Sweets – The food and beverage industries are growing strong; none more so than the confectionery, candy, and sweets segments. Consumer preferences change in tastes and demands for different products and options, but they remain consistent in desiring small indulgences. Processors need to stay ahead of competitors who are consistently launching new products and grabbing consumer attention (and dollars).
  9. Packaging Solutions – All sectors of the food and beverage processing industry are in need of cost-effective packaging that will differentiate their products on the shelf. At PROCESS EXPO you’ll also see the latest technology on the show floor to help you find the right fit for your product lines and fill more orders with increased profitability. The full working production lines include examples of machines that can integrate with your current equipment or can work with any new or updated equipment you have plans to purchase.
  10. Co-Packers (Private Label and Contract Manufacturing Companies) – Co-packers (or contract manufacturers) are a perfect fit for PROCESS EXPO. Not only will you find thousands of potential partners by meeting with executives from major processing companies, you’ll also see the latest technology on the show floor to help you manage your plant’s operations and fill more orders with increased profitability.

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