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March 4, 2024

Fulcrum Custom Builders

Constructing the home of your dreams


Offering winning home solutions with expert design knowledge and a client-focused approach

It is no secret that when it comes to design builds, there are only a few companies that stand out from the new construction pack. In a field ripe with competition, it takes a winning edge to become the builder of choice.

For Fulcrum Custom Builders, constructing solid relationships with its clients is the cement that solidifies its place as a highly sought-after and popular homebuilder. Keeping those client relationships long after their dream home has been realized provides that special, extra edge that guarantees that Fulcrum Custom Builders stays on top.

Building client relationships for a winning business model

Despite the current inflationary environment, increased cost of materials, and a continuing shortage of trade-skilled workers, Fulcrum is keeping very busy with new projects in the design pipeline. The company is attracting new clients to its roster while never losing sight of their core business philosophy; putting their clients first.

“We pride ourselves on being people-centered and relationship-focused, and we believe that this approach is the key to our ongoing success,” John Salfi, Project and Operations Manager with Fulcrum Custom Builders states.

“We know that by taking the time to truly understand what our clients are looking for, we can provide a customized and personalized service that sets us apart from other builders.”

Fulcrum Custom Builder’s family-owned business is located in the Peterborough and Kawarthas region of Ontario, offering a wide range of services including building custom homes, custom cottages, renovations and commercial properties as well as providing several in-house services, in addition to architectural design expertise.

Commercial design also falls under the company’s far-reaching list of services. For Fulcrum Custom Builders commercial projects also require an end-to-end solution. The company’s list of commercial services encompasses; permitting, lot preparation, engineering services, architectural plans, landscaping, and interior design construction.

“We have dedicated in-house plumbing, electrical, and heating & cooling divisions and we also offer architectural design services and landscaping,” Salfi describes when referring to the extensive full range of services their clients can expect.

The company’s roots began in the Muskoka region, a few hours north of bustling downtown Toronto, and has grown over the years since its inception 22 years ago.

“We started with a small team of eight,” Salfi points out.

Despite the growth the company has experienced, their core business model has never wavered.

As Salfi describes, “We have seamless workflows. No more waiting for third-party contractors or dealing with potential delays and setbacks.”

“Our goal is to provide these seamless transitions in workflow so you can sit back and relax while we take care of your every need,” he elaborates.

Stemming from the core relationship model the company rests on, Salfi is quick to point out that “By investing in growing the company in these areas, we can offer our clients a level of expertise and efficiency that you won’t find with other builders.”

Salfi is more than cognizant that the sheer scope of a home-building project represents one of the most significant investments that a homeowner can make. Fulcrum Custom Builders makes it a priority to help streamline this process and steer its clients in the right direction while helping to ease any apprehensions they may have.

“Balancing budget expectations and reality is crucial.”

“Every job is a unique job and there is a personal interest with each client.” Salfi continues.


Building dream homes

Each project that Fulcrum Custom Home Builders undertakes is unique in scale, client specifications, and character. Translating what the homeowner wants is a skill the company is known for. Building dream homes is the result.

“Every project will vary. A large-scale renovation can be bigger than a house in square footage, for example,” Salfi explains.

Beyond their client’s direct design wishes, Fulcrum Custom Builders keeps a keen eye on housing design trends that are also reflected in its properties and renovations.

“The trend [we are seeing] is still very much in favor of the open concept, clean lines, steel roofs, lots of glazing, bringing the outdoors inside where possible, as well as light-colored walls, modern designs, and modern roof lines.”

Although some projects may run into the million-dollar mark, Salfi cautions that the cost of each project is dependent on the vision the client has and the scale of the renovations and construction.

“There is a personal interest in each client. Some of the smaller renovations or projects in comparison to large scale builds can present the same or more challenges.”

“In today’s market and our region, a new build is close to the million-dollar mark. There are many variables such as selections for customer finishes which determine the fluctuation of price,” Salfi elaborates.


 Building Relationships with the community and local suppliers

Although Salfi is the first to admit that there is no greater relationship in the custom home-building business than with the client and he stresses that every effort is made to translate the needs and wishes of the client, he also draws attention to the key role that local suppliers and the community play in the business. Fulcrum Custom Builders puts concentrated effort into maintaining solid and long-term locally focused relationships to ensure continued success.

“Relationships are paramount in any business and a community of our size (roughly 85,000). We surround ourselves with talented individuals and local relationships which can make a project a success.”

“We try to source as much product as we can locally.”

With a distinctive local flare and a high level of commitment to the community, Fulcrum Custom Builders have constructed a highly respected design path and have been able to keep costs down as much as possible.

Salfi makes note that this local focus also helps the company weather the ups and downs of the construction market. With prices hovering higher than they were before COVID and supply chain disruptions, being able to foster local sourcing of products has helped facilitate its ongoing success.

“Cost is not always a factor, although it weighs heavily. We are living in times when a customer may choose another company because of pricing and end up paying significantly more in changed orders on the back end,” Salfi summarizes.

Building the road ahead

There is no denying that new construction is continuing to see an upsurge. With a continuing lack of housing stock throughout the US coupled with affordability concerns for many, home renovations and attractive new housing options are in high demand.

Fulcrum Custom Builders continues to capitalize on this demand, offering a unique mix of industry expertise and a long-established local focus that is reflected in the design-builds it can boast. Salfi does not see the demand dropping off any time soon and intends to guide his team toward projects in the construction pipeline tailored to the preferences of their valued client base.

Never losing sight of the significance each project represents to their clients, Salfi sums it up best.

“We want you to feel like you are in good hands and we will take you throughout every part of the journey,” he concludes.

Fulcrum Custom Builders will take many more on the design journey ensuring a positive experience that continues to ‘build’ client confidence in their leading brand.

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Fulcrum Custom Builders

What: leading design-build company specializing in residential and commercial spaces

Where: Peterborough and Kawarthas region of Ontario

Website: https://fulcrumcustombuilders.com/


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