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Business View Magazine - June 2016 43
annually, which is created by Bullfrog Power’s renew-
able energy facilities, replacing the equivalent of dirty
energy in the grid. The International Centre has part-
nered with Partner’s in Project Green’s (PPG) Electric
Vehicle Charging Station Network, and has installed
charging stations at its main Conference Centre en-
trance with two parking spaces dedicated to electric
The Centre purchases 100 percent compostable pack-
aging for all of its retail areas, and provides china at
its main restaurant, the Craft Eatery, to reduce waste.
Even its napkin dispensers have been selected to only
release one napkin at a time to reduce over consump-
tion and wastage. In the kitchen, all of its food waste
is composted - over 86 metric tons per year – and its
used cooking oil, approximately one metric ton annu-
ally, is recycled and used to heat barns at a local farm.
TIC also recycles an average of over 1000 pounds of
electronic waste, annually, through e-waste collec-
tions, sending it to a facility which properly dismantles
and recycles usable materials.
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