BVM June 2016 - page 34

34 Business View Magazine - June 2016
has earned its reputation as one of the most success-
ful facilities in the country.
Randy Brown is the General Manager of the Coliseum.
One of his responsibilities is “to keep the facility rel-
evant and maintain the physical plant as a state-of-
the-art complex.” Brown possesses an encyclopedic
knowledge of all the Coliseum’s expansions and up-
grades over the years – numbers, included. “The first
major renovation occurred in 1988-89,” he begins. “At
that time, an exposition facility called the Expo Center
was added with a gross square footage of about 250
thousand square feet of new space. At the same time,
the arena was renovated.” Brown says that the Expo
Center cost $27 million and the renovation of the origi-
nal building came with a $7 million bill. “That turned
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