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Equally committed to water efficiency, TIC has in-
stalled motion sensor faucets in all of its washrooms
and switched to low-flow, automatic flush technologies
which can save over 130,000 gallons of water per
year. The facility uses a Salvajor trough system in its
stewarding department. During the scraping and pre-
rinse process, the system re-circulates water at a rate
of 70 gallons per minute, saving close to $2,000 per
year compared to uncontrolled fresh water trough sys-
tems. TIC has the lowest water consumption in com-
parison to 29 other venues, globally, according to the
2015 Green Venue Report which showcases the state
of convention and exhibition center sustainability. The
Centre has partnered with Toronto and Region Con-
servation to purchase locally grown items from farm-
ers less than 10 kilometers from the facility, and, in
addition, its own 1,000 square foot rooftop and 500
square foot patio gardens allow it to grow some of its
own herbs and vegetables.
The facility has been recognized for its achievements
in sustainability with a Level One ASTM/APEX Certifi-
cate for Environmentally-Sustainable Meetings and
Events—a designation only 14 venues in North Amer-
ica have—and a 4 Green Key Rating from Green Key
Meetings v2.0., the first venue in Canada to receive
a rating from Green Key Global’s Green Meetings
Program. In 2011, TIC received a Leadership in Sus-
tainability (Hospitality Sector) award from Partners in
Project Green (PPG), and most recently was awarded
the Green Key Meeting Award by the Hotel Association
of Canada. The International Centre is also a found-
ing member of the Greater Toronto Airport Authority’s
Partners in Project Green Hospitality Consortium.
Lui reports that the Centre is also very active in many
industry associations. “We take part in the associa-
tions as advocates and volunteers who sit in higher
capacities to be an influence within this industry,” he
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