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92 Business View Magazine - August 2016
chored by 400,000 square feet of retail space. Office
space will include up to 1,100,000 square feet for NSU
research, classrooms, health care, and professional
use. Phase I will comprise 350 apartments, 110,000
square feet of retail space, and 200,000 square feet
of office space. Plans are currently underway for a
hotel to be built during Phase II. The hotel will take
advantage of ongoing campus activity, NSU amenities
and facilities, and the central Broward marketplace.
“The Academical Village will also be the home of a new
hospital by HCA (Hospital Corporation of America),”
Holste says. “Their hospital is currently located in one
of our neighboring municipalities and they’re moving it
to Davie and making a $200 million investment.”
Mr. Holste also oversees Davie’s capital improvement
plans. “The Town has a ten-year capital plan that out-
lines its future infrastructure needs,” he states. “We’re
seeking to enhance our roadway system; we’re wid-
ening roadways; we’re doing beautification projects
on the roadways within the Regional Activity Center;
we’re also allocating funding towards upgrading our
utilities infrastructure. And within the CRA, itself, we’re
spending a significant amount of money on drainage
and utilities upgrades and enhancements. In addition,
we’re building new roadways to serve as bypass roads
for our Davie Road corridor, because right now people
just drive through it and we want them to stay there.
We’re investing $18 million in those roadway improve-
ments between the Town, the CRA, and some of our
partners in the state and the county.”
Over the past three years, Mr. Holste says that approxi-
mately two million square feet of commercial/indus-
trial space opened up and the 1.5 million square foot,
Davie Business Center is currently being built by the
IDI Construction Company. “They’ve constructed two
buildings and have an additional four buildings to go,”
he says. Holste also notes that none of Davie’s cur-
rent and ongoing improvements would have been pos-
sible if not for the town’s new water plant that opened
in 2013. “That was a $120 million reverse osmosis
membrane plant,” he says. “Without it, all this growth
wouldn’t be occurring in Davie because we wouldn’t
have had the water capacity. So that’s an investment
we made at that time.”
As Davie’s population is expected to reach 100,000
within a few years, both Mr. Moss and Mr. Holste are
optimistic about the town’s future – both as a prime
destination for new business and as a great place to
live for its current and future residents. “I think the
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