BVM August, 2016 - page 90

90 Business View Magazine - August 2016
town,” Moss adds. “Most cities have one and are try-
ing to redevelop it. Ours was never one that was largely
utilized but I think we’re in a unique position to create
a niche market for a western-themed downtown. The
landscape is going to be drastically changed in the
next two years; we’re going to see a lot of vertical im-
provements, roadway improvements, and a new Town
Hall and Community centerpiece.”
In addition, Moss says that the CRA is also planning
to cover the cost for over 300 residential and 15 com-
mercial units on the east side of town to get off septic
and onto the town’s sanitary sewer system. “That’s an
$8,000 benefit to each household,” he explains. “Of
course the utility costs are going to go up a bit, but it
relieves them from having issues when it comes to en-
vironmental concerns with septic tanks, such as leak-
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