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Business View Magazine - August 2016 89
Giovanni Moss is Davie’s Director of Community De-
velopment, with the responsibility of overseeing the
Town’s Community Redevelopment Agency or CRA.
CRAs are local economic development agencies
whose function is to preserve and protect a commu-
nity’s tax base, alleviate conditions of slum and blight,
facilitate affordable housing, and stimulate public sec-
tor participation within a defined redevelopment area.
Davie’s CRA covers approximately 1,104 acres on the
east side of town.
“The Town’s CRA has been doing a lot of great things
over the last ten years as far as trying to plan for de-
velopment,” says Moss, “and we have some good trac-
tion to move forward with a number of projects over
the next year or two. Right now, we have about $130
million mixed-use development projects online, featur-
ing over 600 units of market-rate housing and quite a
bit of retail and commercial. We’re getting ready to do
some major development to our main, downtown road
– about $2 million to make it pedestrian-friendly, with
landscaped medians. We’re also doing about $18 mil-
lion of infrastructure improvement on water and sewer
to improve capacity within the CRA. In addition, we’re
looking at a 22-acre Town Hall campus on the Rodeo
Grounds, and hope to have an RFP to solicit a private
partner to develop that entire site which might include
a new Town Hall, a parking structure of some type, and
the development of a four-acre parcel for mixed-use
“Within the CRA we’re actually developing a down-
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