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Business View Magazine - August 2016 85
population in its western section. The town has al-
ways had a reputation as a “Cowboy” town, with many
of its earlier buildings having a decidedly “Wild West”
architecture. Indeed, one of Davie’s most notable
features is the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds which were
founded in the early 1940s, and today hosts con-
certs, family entertainment, car shows, horse shows,
and other types of events.
Davie is also the nexus of higher education in South
Florida and is home to several nationally known col-
leges, technical institutes, and universities, including
Nova Southeastern University, Florida Atlantic Univer-
sity, Broward College, McFatter Technical College, ITT
Technical Institute, Unilatina International College, and
Trinity International University that, together, make up
the South Florida Educational Center.
Davie, Florida
A town of 96,000
In Broward County, north of Miami
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