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Business View Magazine - August 2016 95
It added the word “Events” to its name several years
ago in order to represent the sector of the industry
that produces non-traditional events done either at
company offices or hotel ballrooms, but that are still
considered trade shows.
Today, the renamed IAEE is the leading trade asso-
ciation for the global exhibition and event industry.
“We’re in 51 countries, now,” DuBois says. “We have
members in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Chi-
na; we just launched an India chapter a few weeks
ago. We have over 1,300 organizations, non-profit
associations, and for-profit companies as members;
and about 9,500 individuals make up the roster of
those 1,300 entities.”
Over 50 percent of the IAEE’s members are directly in-
volved in the planning, management, and production
of exhibitions and buyer-seller events. The remaining
members consist of those who provide products and
services to the industry. About 80 percent of its mem-
bership is based in the U.S., which, according to Du-
Bois, has the largest exhibition industry in the world,
producing approximately 12,000 shows of 10,000
The International Association of Exhibitions
and Events
A worldwide trade association with 1,300
Headquarters in Dallas, Texas
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