BVM August, 2016 - page 81

Business View Magazine - August 2016 81
Street. A ten-meter deep sanitary trunk main was con-
structed in 2014, and last year it was extended to the
southern part of town in order to spur the development
of 174 single housing units. Part of the project’s $2.4
million cost, which included the removal and replace-
ment of 100 trees and the addition of sidewalks, was
paid for by the area’s developers, while its residents
will pay a connection fee for use of the sanitary line.
Oxford County, which is ultimately responsible for sani-
tary and water infrastructure for its citizens, also con-
tributed tax dollars to the project.
Lawson also mentions another big, on- going infra-
structure project – a $3 million upgrade to an existing,
older part of town. “It’s been on the books for about
15 years: replacing all the sanitary, all the storm, and
all the water mains, which are all lead.”
“We’re also looking at active transportation,” Lawson
adds. “My predecessor started with putting in dedi-
cated cycling routes along one of our major streets
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