Will Your First Smart Glasses for Daily Use be MusicLens?

October 4, 2018
MusicLens Smart Glasses

MusicLens, the first smart glasses designed for use in daily life, recently announced its first $3 million seed round investment. MusicLens is virtually indistinguishable from normal glasses and can listen to music, make phone calls, receive FM radio signals, and mine cryptocurrency. The lightest model weighs less than 40 grams, making them light and comfortable for everyday use.

“Most smart glasses in the market are too complicated, have a poor user experience, and are very expensive,” said Junyi Liu, the founder of MusicLens. “We want to create a simple, convenient, affordable pair of smart glasses which anyone can use in daily life.”

When do you actually need a pair of smart glasses? Using a smartphone or headphones is not suitable for many activities such as driving, biking, working, and studying. People usually need to wear sunglasses outside and poor-sighted people will always need prescription lenses. In these circumstances, studies from IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) show that more than 80 percent of people will need an audio smart device listen to listen to music, answer calls, and hear GPS navigation.

“There are currently no widely-used smart glasses in the market. MusicLens can be the first affordable smart glasses for everyone because of its many practical uses,” said Lance Zhou, the Head of Marketing at MusicLens. “MusicLens represents the next generation of musical devices because it is a super-convenient, trendy, safe, and healthy hearing choice.”

MusicLens has the patent for its original high-quality sound imbedded system. With MusicLens, you don’t need speakers in your ears to hear high-quality sound. Others around you also won’t be able to hear what you’re listening and you can also hear your surroundings clearly while using them. MusicLens does not transmit sound through your eardrums, so it won’t damage your hearing. People who suffer from hearing loss will also be able to hear more clearly with MusicLens.

MusicLens uses smart touch controls and has smart-wearing recognition to pause playing when taken off. MusicLens has also developed a model that lets users mine cryptocurrency by simply listening to music on the MusicLife platform. MusicLens has special sensors which gather listening data from users who opt in. In exchange for their listening data, users will earn MitCoin (MITC) directly, effectively mining cryptocurrency by listening to music.

MusicLens will range in price from $129-$189 depending on the style, and plans enter mass production in late 2018.


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