Comprehensive Resource Guide Demonstrates How ‘Pets Work at Work’

July 18, 2017
pets at work

Comprehensive Resource Guide Demonstrates How ‘Pets Work at Work’

Mars Petcare Launches Online Resources to Welcome Pets Into the Workplace.

Friday, June 23rd is a day known for bringing furry friends to work, and pets all over the country will be roaming the halls of many businesses. And for good reason too – according to the BANFIELD™ Pet Hospital’s 2017 Pet-Friendly Workplace PAWrometer™ survey, nearly 90 percent of employees at pet-friendly workplaces said having pets at work improves sense of well-being. In a day where recruiting and retaining talent is highly competitive, the survey also adds that this unique perk increases company morale, loyalty, and productivity among its employees.

To help companies across the country who may not know where to start when allowing pets in the workplace, Mars Petcare is launching a new online resource, “Pets Work at Work,” to help companies create a pet-friendly workplace. This is part of the company’s recently-launched initiative, BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™, which advocates for fewer pets in shelters, more pet-friendly places (including offices!), and happier, healthier lives for both people and pets.

The comprehensive suite of tools includes tips and tricks for how to successfully welcome pets at work. Some of the materials include:

  • A sample pet policy to help businesses and offices define what works for them;
  • Leadership and legal considerations to welcoming pets into businesses;
  • How to communicate a pet policy internally and externally; and
  • Engaging (and adorable!) signage to post within offices, including welcome posters and a pet-friendly space sign for businesses and offices to use.

“We see firsthand the benefits of having pets at work with our pet-friendly office year-round,” said Casey Coke Murphy, Pet Behaviorist at Mars Petcare. “Pets lower our blood pressure, reduce social isolation, can contribute to lower stress levels, and increase communication in the workplace which can ultimately make a job more satisfying for employees.”


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