The City of Chowchilla, California Celebrates a Major Announcement of a New Distribution Center

January 4, 2022
The City of Chowchilla

The City of Chowchilla and community residents celebrate the recent announcement by AutoZone, Inc. that it will build its newest distribution center in Chowchilla.

“We are thankful and applaud AutoZone for recognizing Chowchilla’s potential with a large development such as this one; it is a welcomed addition to our community. The City of Chowchilla would like to extend gratitude for the introduction of the project with both the Central California and Madera County Economic Development Commission,” said Rod Pruett, City Administrator.

“We are very excited for this new development and what it means for the City of Chowchilla and the people who live here. We needed a way to create new jobs for the community, so they do not have to commute outside our city for work, and they can spend more time with their families,” said Mayor John Chavez.

According to AutoZone, construction on the distribution center is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2022 for a projected opening in 2024. The distribution center will bring at least 280 jobs to Chowchilla. “With over 640 stores across the State of California, we are very excited to be a part of the Chowchilla community. During our process to identify our next distribution center location, Chowchilla’s leadership team has been amazing and has helped solidify our decision to come to and be an integral part of this great community. Our significant investment in Chowchilla represents our commitment to always putting our customers first and is an important part of our strategy for accelerated growth,” said Bill Rhodes, Chairman, President, and CEO of AutoZone.

Chowchilla is a thriving community of almost 19,000 residents located at the intersection of two major highways. Highway 152 serves as the gateway to the Bay Area, and Highway 99 links together the major cities within the San Joaquin Valley. At the center of this distribution network sits Chowchilla, with 2,800 acres of land zoned for industrial and commercial development ready for building or occupancy.

Having been established almost one hundred years ago as an agricultural hub, Chowchilla retains its small-town values while serving the needs of its residents. Incentives have been designed to energize business and industrial development, accelerate growth in the downtown and create new jobs in the community, all to foster a growing economy. For more information on Chowchilla’s business incentive programs, see

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