Raise Confident Children: Today’s Kids, Tomorrow’s Leaders

October 3, 2021
Raise Confident Children

By Rennu Dhillon, D.Sc

Raise Confident Children

Author Rennu Dhillon

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child can be a truly wondrous experience… a life where imagination and youthful exuberance are the guideposts to adventure. These traits are also what put the ‘fun’ in the learning process. But for parents, it can be a huge challenge – the urge to control everything, while trying to figure out how to prepare their kids from an early age to be independent thinkers in the future.

In her latest book, Raise Confident Children: Today’s Kids, Tomorrow’s Leaders, award-winning early educator Rennu Dhillon shares her ideas on the importance of developing communication and confidence in children. Filled with entertaining activities, life lessons, and success stories, the book offers parents common-sense coaching techniques that relate to their individual style and personality – “what comes naturally to us.”

Drawing on a wealth of experience as an educator, Dhillon advises parents to “stop controlling and start coaching,” as the basis for leadership skills development. Fully outlined and explained in easy-to-understand chapters, with practical applications and examples, are Dhillon’s 13 critical “C” ingredients for success: Comprehension, Conflict Resolution, Coping Skills, Contribution, Clarity, Charisma, Creativity, Courage, Connections, Compassion, Consciousness & Conscience, Communication, Confidence.

Of course, kids don’t come into the world with their own how-to manual, each individual is unique and wonderfully complex. Which can lead to frustrated parents asking, “How do I know what’s best for my child? Am I doing the right thing?” With that in mind, Dhillon’s book offers the tools to nurture self-esteem and self-acceptance in every child; to give them the courage to follow their instincts and be their own person; to show them the importance of helping others and being a role model. That and so much more sage advice awaits within the pages.

Raise Confident Children: Today’s Kids, Tomorrow’s Leaders is a small but mighty little book that both empowers and inspires the reader in their journey of parenthood. In fact, it’s an ideal coaching resource for anyone fortunate enough to work with children, in whatever capacity.

Available at: www.amazon.com/Raise-Confident-Children-Tomorrows-Leaders/dp/1735600504

Committed to Creating Future Leaders and Innovators

Rennu Dhillon, DSc., known to many as Miss Rennu, is a well-known early educator expert and founder of the award-winning Northern California-based Accelerated Learning Franchise, Genius Kids. Her public speaking online portal, www.winwithwords.org, offers online and live training classes in confidence building, public speaking, and communication for children ages 2-12. Rennu has been described as “a passionate, driven entrepreneur, creating future leaders” and serves as a mentor for many non-profit women organizations and youth organizations that are focused on empowering others.

Raise Confident Children: Today’s Kids, Tomorrow’s Leaders is Rennu Dhillon’s second book. She also co-authored the best selling Break Free to Stand in Your Power. Rennu lives in Northern California with her husband, Gill. A loving mother and grandmother, her inspiration comes from her daughters, Shana and Sheena, and her grandchildren, Veer and Jia.

*Review by Lorie Lee Steiner, Editor-in-Chief, Business View Publishing

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