From the Editor – Volume 8 Issue 10

October 3, 2021
From the Editor

Let the sun shine!

It’s good for our health, for our soul, and increasingly useful for powering our world. In this inspiring issue of Business View we went to the source – four leaders in the solar sector that bring us up to speed on the latest and greatest innovations in renewables. Our cover story reports that award-winning Impact Power Solutions (IPS) sees each project as an opportunity to bring solar-driven transformation at a community, utility, and environmental level.

Illinois-based Continental Energy Solutions (CES) specializes in solar arrays, battery storage, and microgrids to help customers maximize energy savings and reduce their carbon footprint. While Ag Technologies Inc (SolarCAM) believes that rural America can play a pivotal role in creating a green economy by adopting renewable energy sources like solar. And Fosler Construction Company completed projects involving 19.5 gigawatts of solar energy last year and are on track to double that by 2025 to meet state and federal renewable energy standards.

With the demand for residential homes soaring, Ontario’s charming Watercolour Westport community is meeting the need with their beautiful custom builds. Mass timber construction is also gaining momentum, thanks to the renewed focus on sustainability, and Timmerman Timberworks is at the helm.

When it comes to health and wellbeing, Gardant Management Solutions in Bourbonnais, Illinois presents attractive opportunities for lower- and middle-income baby boomers in assisted living. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Ignite Medical Resorts brings to life their vision of the “anti-nursing home” retreat, offering high-end Las Vegas-style resort options for short-term rehabilitation across the Midwest. And in historic Virginia, Williamsburg Landing takes pride of place as the quintessential Life Plan Community – built with style, intention, and a culture of caring about one another.

Innovation in Telehealth is making great strides, as proven by Newfoundland-based Fonemed that is serving more than 25 million North Americans with remote nursing advice and assessment, chronic disease management, and biometric monitoring. Another groundbreaking organization – Orbit Health – delivers high quality telepsychiatry services remotely via technology. They are committed to breaking the cycle of mass incarceration of the mentally ill by providing mental health care in communities and correctional facilities.

In the healthy food realm, you’ll definitely want to pay attention as The Aquaponics Association educates us on that fascinating farming sector. We then showcase Superior Fresh as a perfect example of the success and growth of the industry.

We’re so pleased to bring you all this and so much more, including three prime financial firms – First Bank, Sea Comm Federal Credit Union, and The Bank of Romney – and a quintet of outstanding General Aviation stories – Williamsburg Jamestown Airport, Corpus Christi International Airport, McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport, Ventura County Airports (Oxnard & Camarillo), and Westover Airport.

Fall is the time to curl up with a good read, and BVM is a great choice… Enjoy, my friends!

Editor in Chief

Lorie Lee Steiner

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