From the Editor – December 2022

January 2, 2022
From the Editor

Dear Readers,

Although I hinted that the holidays are around the corner in my last letter to you,  we can not dance around the issue any longer. The holidays are now at our doorstep and countless people are welcoming the warmth and celebrations of the holidays with eager anticipation.

As families across America hunker down to holiday planning and kids start making their Christmas lists to tuck under their pillows for Santa, companies both small and large are also taking stock of the fiscal year that is quickly coming to a close and thinking ahead to the next financial quarter in the new year.

For companies that specialize in the renewable energy field, it has proven to be quite a productive year with the news of energy tax incentives, rising energy and gas prices as well as the increasing awareness in both the public and private sectors of the growing need to find cost-saving solutions to steadily increasing energy costs.

We had the opportunity to speak with leading companies in the Biogas and renewable energy sector to talk about the top challenges facing the industry as well as highlight their successes. APPI Energy, Greenfield Global, and Lakeside Controls Solutions are all pioneers in the field and outlined to Business View Magazine several obstacles down the renewable energy path, including aging infrastructure to contend with, the need for cohesive and consistent industry approaches, and the consistent need to educate companies about the importance of alternative means of energy delivery. Despite these inherent challenges, these companies are at the cutting edge of energy solutions that are borne out of in-depth knowledge and sector expertise.

From the environment to the beautiful green spaces of some of North America’s towns and cities, Business View Civil and Municipal had the chance to sit down with County and town officials to talk about a host of projects that are either ongoing or slated to be completed.

From the parks and outdoor splendor of Arnprior, Ontario situated on the doorstep of Canada’s renowned capital city to Bladen County, North Carolina, and Casa Grande, New Mexico, we were given a first-hand view of the plentiful public projects in the pipeline.

Despite the individual differences of the projects and infrastructure upgrades proposed, all the cities, towns, and counties we covered did have one common thread tying them together; growth on the horizon for 2023.

Also taking flight are the regional airports that we were fortunate to profile in this issue. We spoke with Airport Managers representing Watertown Regional Airport, Walla Walla Regional Airport, Roswell Flight Center, Thomasville Regional Airport, and Evansville Regional Airport. With proposed upgrades in the works, affecting runways, hangers, terminals, and the airport grounds surrounding these vibrant airports, there is one thing all have in common; a focus on passenger comfort and safety and a view to landing more air traffic as we head into the new year.

I want to wish you all a very happy holiday season and time with the ones you care about. If there is one thing I would hope you take away from reading our current issue is that as we slowly move beyond the trials and tribulations of the pandemic and welcome in a new year, growth and prosperity are firmly on the horizon.


Editor in Chief

Karen Surca

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