From the Editor – January 2024

January 31, 2024
From the Editor

Dear Readers,

I always look forward to January. If there is a time that spells potential renewal it has to be January, with the exception of September with all the back-to-school and the office hustle and bustle.

January, however, in my opinion, trumps September as a time of new beginnings. I say this because it also marks the beginning of a new year. With the freshness of a new year, many organizations both large and small, as well as the many thriving municipalities across this great continent are inspired to implement new initiatives to bring about improvement and growth.

In the halls of Business View Publications, we are also inspired by a new year and the potential it brings to produce top-tier magazines that offer you in-depth features on companies, organizations, and municipalities that truly are on the cutting edge.

For our January issue, we are currently hard at work producing a lineup of city profiles that highlight the growth we are seeing in municipalities across the continent. We also were allowed to interview some of the continent’s most dynamic companies across some of the economy’s top business sectors.

Our January issue is brimming with success stories that we are eager to share with you as you also celebrate another new year that beckons.

Capturing the momentum of commercial and residential development, as well as the design know-how to bring construction projects to life, filled our pages for this issue. We bring you in-depth features with leading players in the field including Iron Valley Real Estate, Belman Homes, C&M Home Builders, Posthuma Homes, and Mazzola Construction and Consulting. The ability to implement key strategies and an expert knowledge of the market are traits that all these companies share.

Leading companies filled the pages for our January issue from Student Works, Boyne Golf, Christensen Insurance Group, Aerial Management, and Home Front Brands to 501(C) Services. These companies, and others we were fortunate to also profile, topped our feature list of innovative, forward-thinking industry leaders. Each of the companies we profiled shows revenue numbers that continue to head skywards and dynamic initiatives for the new year.

As with every issue, we also sat down with city officials from Caldwell, Idaho, Frankfort, Indiana, Dania Beach, Florida, Jackson, Michigan, Lancaster, New York to Lindsay and Manteca in the state of California. As business retention and attraction numbers continue to rise and upgrades to vital municipal services are in full swing for these regions, all without exception are ensuring that the needs of their residents take center stage.

Also flying through the last half of this year’s fourth financial quarter, are some of the most dynamic and fastest-growing regional airports in the US and we spoke to their Airport Directors for a front-row seat into some of their upcoming plans to meet increased aviation traffic. We were given a first-class view of Laurinburg-Maxton Airport, Roswell Air Center, and Williamsburg Regional Airport among others.

With all our profiles we hope that our valued business leaders learn a little something new about their relevant business sector as well as something about key developments within other business sectors that may serve to increase productivity and represent a model to strive for.

As we continue to bring you features covering the very best in business, aviation, and municipal developments, we hope that you cherish the time that you have with friends and loved ones this holiday season and that every one of you appreciates the everyday blessings while looking ahead to the new year!

Editor in Chief

Karen Surca

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