Park City, Kansas – Sedgwick County, just north of Wichita

June 27, 2024

Park City, Kansas

The Social Center of the Midwest


Forming a regional hub through economic initiatives

Nestled in the blooming suburban heart of Sedgwick County, lies a community where people want to live, work, and play all the while continuing to attract new businesses and residents who are keen to call this captivating municipality home.

Established in 1980, Park City, Kansas is a city where success means more than just expansion. This community of about 9,000 people thrives on a spirit of collaboration and a strong sense of identity, which is rapidly evolving!

The city’s leadership understands that their investments must be grounded in the values that facilitate community engagement and a commitment to quality of life. Therefore, Park City focuses on resident involvement and local events.

From holiday celebrations to seasonal festivals, these gatherings strengthen community bonds while attracting visitors and potential new residents.

City officials have continuously invested in public spaces, recreational facilities, and neighborhood programs that foster a welcoming and vibrant environment.

This has resulted in quite a unique living experience for Park City residents, as the city’s developments have allowed it to escape the normal economic limitations of a suburban community while still maintaining the cozy charm such communities are known for.

The largest contributors to this are undoubtedly the public-private partnerships the city fosters that both attract new businesses and encourage existing ones to expand. Still, officials remain proactive by supporting smaller businesses and startups with business development incentives and facilitating infrastructure improvements to promote a favorable and diverse business climate.

By cultivating such a strong community atmosphere, Park City is managing to become a model of sustained growth for other suburban communities in Kansas.


Founded on Community Resilience and Transformation

Park City has a rich history of community spirit and resilience.

Before it became a city, it was a public improvement district for 27 years. Then a core group of involved citizens came together to push for the district to transition into a city.

This would set in motion rapid development for Park City, and the biggest benefit of all is undoubtedly the unique community connectedness that has persisted over the years, forming the foundation of the city’s culture as it expands.

“We have that small town feel, but we’re growing tremendously… it’s an exciting time to be here,” Assistant City Administrator Dana Walden says, referencing the city’s multiple projects.

Throughout all this, residents remain active and involved as the city develops, contributing to its reputation as a tight-knit, community-focused city.

Festivals and events like the Fourth of July celebrations, spring and fall festivals, and Easter egg hunts serve as pivotal touchpoints for residents, reinforcing Park City’s small-town feel even as it grows.

With each new project, Park City has steadily advanced itself into the de facto hub of its region, as Park City’s strategic location, just north of Wichita, provides significant economic growth and connectivity.

The city is situated along Interstate 135, which runs through its heart, prime access for businesses and visitors alike. Recently, the interstate has provided Park City officials with an amazing opportunity to further their growth efforts.

“We passed a 1 cent tax last year. That was driven by the folks that [visit] here and spend their money. We say that as an opportunity for us to provide better city services to the community; improve infrastructure, our parks, and the quality of life for the folks that live in Park City,” says Mayor John Lenherr.

“We currently have 11 different residential neighborhoods that we’re in the process of building… and we have at least three more roundabout projects already planned,” City Administrator Sean Fox says.

The city’s growth has prompted considerable infrastructure development to support new businesses. However, this is just the beginning, as the city leadership is currently planning a $14 million infrastructure project to turn about 48 acres of vacant farmland into a bustling downtown hub entitled Park Center boasting all new streets, sewers, sidewalks, etc.

Eventually, the area will support 400 new homes and 100,000 square feet of commercial property.

Becoming an Economic Epicenter

Park City’s proximity to key transportation hubs like the Northern Junction, which connects multiple interstate highways, is also a major asset.

This ideal location has drawn significant business interest, with major companies like Amazon and Pratt Industries establishing a presence in Park City.

Amazon’s 1.25 million square foot distribution center and Pratt Industries’ 975,000 square foot facility are key contributors to the city’s economic landscape, providing employment and fueling local growth.

While it’s easy to see the financial benefits of having two commercial giants establish a presence in the city, this strongly indicates an upcoming wave of prosperity due to hit Park City very soon.

This is evidenced by the number of massive projects underway, with the largest of these developments undoubtedly being the Champ Town development on the west side of Interstate 135.

The construction of the half-billion-dollar Champ Town complex is expected to attract significant attention. This unique complex will feature restaurants, hotels, retail stores, a 800, 000 gallon aquarium within a 105, 000 Square foot facility that also includes a butterfly garden, a mixed martial arts facility, and 8 baseball-softball fields.

The aim is to draw visitors from across the region and beyond and currently the project is predicted to draw in 1.3 million visitors annually to Park City.

“We’re helping Park City not only build on what they’ve been doing for decades but creating their new identity,” says Jeff Lange, Managing Partner at Lange Real Estate, the organization managing the vast majority of projects going on throughout the city, including Park Center and Champ Town.

Everyone from residents to city officials can feel that their city will soon be the hotspot of the Midwest, especially when it comes to entertainment.

Mayor Lehnherr explains this specific sentiment, saying, “Our city for many years has been a leader in attracting events and entertainment… our brand has been entertainment in South Central Kansas, and that’s what we’ve prided ourselves on.”

This is evidenced by the recent expansion project of the Crosswinds Casino, a venture by the Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma, intended to develop 100,000 square feet of casino space as well as a 12-story hotel and convention center above it.

Additionally, the nearby Wichita Greyhound Park is also in the building phases of becoming the Golden Circle Casino, which will also have an attached 120-room hotel.

The Future Entertainment Capital of the Midwest

The future of Park City looks promising, with ambitious projects on the horizon. In collaboration with Lange Real Estate, the city is supporting these developments through CID incentives for the development of the sports complex and through participation in the Star Bond Program for the city’s other proposed projects.

In the program, the state will forgo its portion of sales tax, as long as a project brings people to the state of Kansas with an attraction.

So, to honor that requirement, Lange Real Estate and Park City leadership have landed on the incredible idea of building a new sports complex in the city. Needless to say, the support from the residential and commercial community has been tremendous.

“We have a partner that joined up with us that has a lot of experience in the baseball world. And now we’ve signed on an organization that literally will bring talented young athletes from the Canadian border down to the Gulf Coast to this area here in Middle America,” Lange says.

According to Lange, one of the largest issues with developing cities is their loss of identity and character as they grow, however with every new project that gets completed in Park City, it seems that the opposite is true.

These large-scale projects speak to the essence of Park City’s vision for itself as a destination for families, sports enthusiasts, and visitors seeking unique experiences.

For residents and visitors alike, the Park City experience offers a unique blend of small-town charm and ambitious development.

One could even argue that the city is defined by its ability to create a cohesive environment that balances the appeal of a suburban setting with the dynamism of a growing community.

As Mayor Lehnherr notes, the city’s success is driven by its spirit of collaboration, support for local businesses, and commitment to providing a high quality of life.

The city’s leadership, with a focus on community involvement and innovative development, has laid the groundwork for a thriving future.

With new projects on the horizon and a vibrant community at its core, Park City is poised to become a dynamic destination in Kansas, offering something for everyone.


Park City, Kansas

What: A thriving city in Sedgwick County, known for its growing community, diverse economic developments, and focus on quality of life.

Where: Sedgwick County, just north of Wichita.



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