Supports Your Spontaneous Labor Day Vacay: Research Shows the Benefits of a Last-Minute Trip

September 9, 2016, the global leader in connecting travelers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, knows a thing or two about Labor Day travel, and this year is encouraging everyone to pack their bags and get away. While some might look forward to a relaxed Labor Day weekend at home, research released by shows that taking a spontaneous trip could be the key to relieving stress and enhancing happiness.

The survey, which quizzed 6,620 respondents across six countries – USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France and Australia – about their attitude towards spontaneity revealed that four out of five people (79%) agree that taking a spontaneous trip “boosts their happiness “while nearly two thirds (61%) stated that it makes them “more productive at work” and “reduces stress” (68%).

The survey also revealed the most popular hotel room rituals. When asked to pick the top three things they would do when first entering a hotel room, almost a quarter of all respondents (22%) stated that they would jump on the bed. In contrast, only 8% would take the more “adult” stress release approach of checking out the mini-bar. Surprisingly, the ubiquitous selfie doesn’t make much of an appearance in the bedroom with only 5% of respondents stating that this was their first activity of choice. The top answer, check out the bath/shower, received 48% of the vote even beating admiring the view which came a very close second (47%).

So when are people most likely to just get up and go? The top season for spur of the moment getaways is end of summer (perfect for Labor Day), with nearly half (48%) of the vote. More free time (39%), getting away from the bad weather where they live (23%), and school holidays (21%) were all cited as top reasons for trying to get away this Labor Day. The (hopefully!) good weather allows 64% of travelers to go on a road trip while 70% would head to the beach instead. City trips are also popular at this time of the year with 71% of respondents saying that this was their most likely type of last minute holiday.

Demonstrating quite an adventurous spirit, over a third (37%) are happy to book an accommodation that they have never even heard of for last-minute trips, perhaps relying instead on reviews in order to inform their decision making process. With 72% of respondents stating that they would like to book more spontaneous holidays, what stops them from making those last minute holiday plans? Well, three out of four respondents (76%) say the hardest part of booking last minute trips is finding affordable and quality accommodation. In addition, half (48%) cite expense as a barrier to spur of the moment trips.

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