“Innovating Innovation” A BVM Book Review

July 6, 2020

In these days when nothing is at is was, and every business is reevaluating its existence and path forward in the new global landscape, David Morey’s book INNOVATING INNOVATION couldn’t have come at a better time. Morey calls on his vast experience advising winning global presidential campaigns, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and top Fortune 500 CEOs and companies to produce this essential and intriguing guide for companies seeking to drive change leadership and business breakthrough. The result is both compelling and practical, challenging our traditional innovation and marketing tactics (strategies) and giving readers the permission and freedom to ‘Think Different’.

Employing his well-honed skills as a storyteller and business coach, Morey designed what he describes as “a step-by-step handbook for teaching and at times even tricking your organization, your culture, and your company into real-world change. It is the new battlefield book for innovation.” Within the book’s 11 Chapters are more than a few epiphanies – ‘aha’ moments – that bring instant clarity as to why many so-called ‘tried and true’ growth channels haven’t earned the desired effect. Themes such as Build workshops, not laboratories; Sail west to find east; Be a change leader, not a business leader; and Punctuate your equilibrium focus on the importance of the ‘disruptive periphery’. The organizational margins where real innovation happens.

The book ends with Morey’s sage analysis and words of advice, “In business, creativity is the bridge to innovation. It allows businesses to innovate and market and redefine their own success. In politics, creativity allows future leaders to push beyond America’s current famine of political and social imagination. Across this bridge, we change leaders must march from imagination to innovation. We must do this because no one else will ever be sufficiently hungry and foolish enough to redefine what innovations means, what change means. We are the crazy ones just mad enough to change the world.”

INNOVATING INNOVATION offers a fresh, creative approach to change leadership, where imagination thrives in the face of uncertainty, and wisdom comes from within. Not meant to sit and attract dust on the library shelf, this book is a pleasure to read, reference often, and put into practice.

*About the Author: David Morey, founder and Chairman of DMG Global, is one of America’s leading strategic consultants and speakers. He is the best-selling author of The Underdog Advantage, The Leadership Campaign, Creating Business Magic, and most recently Innovating Innovation. For many years, Mr. Morey served as Adjunct Professor of International Affairs at Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania. He has worked with a who’s who of Fortune 500 leaders—and advised five Nobel Peace Prize winners and 19 winning global presidential campaigns. Mr. Morey’s corporate clients include GE, Verizon, Pepsi, Mars, KPMG, McDonald’s, Microsoft, News Corp., Nike, P&G, Disney, Visa, The Coca-Cola Company, Linkedin, TPG, American Express, NBC, Samsung, Deloitte, CVS, and many others.

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by Lorie Lee Steiner

A timely message from Author David Morey


Strong leaders and companies will survive and even thrive beyond the current coronavirus. But, in the midst of this crisis, now is the time to prepare to play even more urgent offense. Peter Drucker once said: “All business comes down to two things: marketing and innovation.” And now—NOW—is the time to invest in more marketing and innovation.

A key danger for companies and leaders is getting bogged down on process, bureaucracy, and “working in the business vs. working on the business.” Instead, in these times of crisis, remember bold leadership becomes exponentially powerful. So does strategy. Strategy sets the trajectory for your company for the next decade and beyond. Strategy drives marketing. Strategy drives innovation.

Now, then, is exactly the time to prepare to play more urgent offense. Research continuously evidences companies that play more offense and are bolder leaders in times of crisis are dramatically rewarded in value, reputation, and credibility. Ask Warren Buffet. Invest now! This is the time, individually as a leader and collectively as a leadership body.

Today, we are in the midst of the great “Reset Environment,” defining not the “new normal,” but rather the “new different” that lies ahead of us. I believe one newly relevant word for companies going forward will be at the fulcrum of virtually all decisions. That word is essential. And companies and businesses will be challenged to innovate what this new “essential” looks like. First, they will respond. Second, they recover. And finally, at their best, they will reimagine. Now, today, is the time to reimagine, to double down, and to turbo-charge your marketing and innovation. Now is the time to play more offense.

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