Business View Magazine | July 2020

23 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE JULY 2020 I n these days when nothing is at is was, and every business is reevaluating its existence and path forward in the new global landscape, David Morey’s book INNOVATING INNOVATION couldn’t have come at a better time. Morey calls on his vast experience advising winning global presidential campaigns, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and top Fortune 500 CEOs and companies to produce this essential and intriguing guide for companies seeking to drive change leadership and business breakthrough. The result is both compelling and practical, challenging our traditional innovation and marketing tactics (strategies) and giving readers the permission and freedom to ‘Think Different’. Employing his well-honed skills as a storyteller and business coach, Morey designed what he describes as “a step-by-step handbook for teaching and at times even tricking your organization, your culture, and your company into real-world change. It is the new battlefield book for innovation.” Within the book’s 11 Chapters are more than a few epiphanies – ‘aha’ “Innovating Innovation” A BVM Book Review by Lorie Lee Steiner