Event Review – Lift & Co. Expo – Toronto 2019

July 3, 2019

Canada’s largest cannabis show – Lift & Co. Expo 2019 – recently concluded to much fanfare from industry and consumer attendees, alike.  Hosted at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, this year’s event sought to promote the theme of ‘normalizing the industry’ and above all, providing education and awareness to not only business but the community, as well. Through in-depth and in-person insight, leaders from the cannabis industry represented the myriad aspects of this rapidly evolving sector; showcasing the potential for investment, the hurdles currently being faced, and the bright dawn of tomorrow shedding light on a new horizon for cannabis. The event featured hundreds of exhibitors from around the world, renowned speakers, and movers and shakers in the global industry.

*Lift & Co. is a technology company which helps Canadians explore, understand and make better-informed decisions around cannabis with product reviews, events and data.


Lift & Co. Industry Day photo of a person holding a tablet showing a view of what it in front of them.

Industry Day


Top 15 Businesses on watch in 2019 (Industry Sectors)

  1. Legal: Aird Berlis – One of Canada’s premier Business Law Firms https://www.airdberlis.com/
  2. Banking/ Investment: Cambridge Global Payments – Proven Payment Technologies and Industry Solutions https://www.cambridgefx.com/home/
  3. Human Resources (Staffing): Linxus Group – partnering with leading businesses to deliver industry leading recruitment solutions www.linxusgroup.com
  4. Testing and Analysis: ThermoFisher Scientific – enabling their customers to make the Industry healthier, cleaner and safer www.thermoscientific.com
  5. LP’s (Legal Producers): CannTrust – Licensed Producer of the Year 2018 www.canntrust.ca
  6. Dispensaries (Store fronts): Canna Cabana – A Cannabis Store front experience https://cannacabana.com/
  7. Extraction: Advanced Extraction Systems – supercritical fluid CO2 extraction systems for the Cannabis Industry www.advancedextractionsystems.com
  8. Accessories: RYOT – Designs and manufactures modern lifestyle accessories geared for the time www.ryot.com
  9. Medical: Emerald Health Therapeutics – Using science to further understanding in medical Cannabis www.emeraldhealth.ca
  10. Security: 3Sixty Security – A preeminent Security Firm with Cannabis Expertise https://3sixtysecure.com/
  11. Edibles/ Consumables: Hill St Beverage Co – Going alcohol free doesn’t mean you can’t drink! www.hillstreetbevco.com
  12. Topicals – Beauty/ Wellness products: Urban Juve – Modern Wellness powered by Hemp https://urbanjuve.com/
  13. Packaging: Integra – Moisture control solutions applicable for shipping and packaging Cannabis https://www.integra-products.com/
  14. Adult Use (Recreational): Aurora – A dazzling spectrum of cannabis options and the knowledge to inform consumers https://www.auroramj.com/
  15. Education/ Awareness: Aleafia Health (Foli Edge Institute) – setting the gold standard for education across the cannabis industry https://foliedgeacademy.com/about/

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